Sustainability is super important to us here at Sienna London. 

Although we are still a fairly new company, from the get-go, we have endeavoured to do all we can to try and ensure we create a sustainable product and brand for you. Knowing that the clothing industry and especially fast-moving fashion has a big environmental impact we strive to bring a better and more sustainable products to you.

  1. Textile Choices

Modal Cotton: This year we launched our summer collection which included a biodegradable cotton modal fabric. Modal is manufactured from cellulose using chemical processing, just as are bamboo, rayon (viscose) and lyocell. In the case of modal, the cellulose comes from softwood trees. The manufacturing process is closed loop, which means that the chemicals used in processing are captured and reused. The small amount of discharged is considered non-hazardous. The finished textile is biodegradable and also takes well to natural dyes, eliminating the need for more harmful chemical dyes. Modal is manufactured from a renewable crop, so the raw material is considered carbon neutral when taken from a responsibly managed source.

We plan to expand our modal range for the winter collection this year. 

Recycled Polyester: Not only have we introduced modal textile to our range this year but later in the year we will be switching all our satin fabrics from virgin polyester to high quality super soft recycled polyester. Believe it or not, currently over half of the worlds clothing is made from polyester and GreenPeace estimates that this is likely to double by 2030. 

The problem with this is that polyester is not a sustainable textile option as it PET, the most common type of plastic in the world. By switching to a recycled polyester we will be helping to stop plastic ending up in landfill or the ocean. Another benefit is that recycled polyester also uses 59% less energy compared to virgin polyester and so by switching to a recycled polyester we are able to help impact global energy and resources requirements. 

  1. Packaging 

Reducing plastic in our packaging is really important to us at Sienna London. We have all been made aware of how drastic the impact plastic is having on the world and we are doing all we can to cut back on our plastic use for the environment. All our packing bags will be made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic from October 2021. This means that not only are the packing bags made from recycled plastic but are also recyclable after they have been used. By using these packing bags, we are able to reduce plastic waste and also save on raw materials thereby cutting greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to a greener, cleaner planet.

 All our hang tags and printed materials etc. are also made of recycled or recyclable materials.

  1. Production

All Sienna London PJs are handmade in China. We ensure that all the factories and workshops meet the highest level of production environment and comply to all licences. The environment and company are audited to ensure every level is maintained. Our partners- small and family owned share our love for quality and pride themselves over their craftsmanship bringing all their elements together to form lasting quality Pyjamas.

  1. Spare Button Requests

From October 2021 we will give customers the option to request spare buttons should they need them. Buttons may seem small, but these tiny plastics are what cause a lot of harm to the environment and animals living in it. 99% of the time spare buttons end up as waste, and so with every button we don’t send we can save the environment from this waste.

Our Goal

We endeavour to do as much as we can to continue to maintain a sustainable product for you. We make a pledge to do all we can as we grow to develop new ways of making sustainability better, reducing waste, reducing energy consumption and building an even more sustainable brand.